I am a Partner in a medium-sized overwhelmingly NHS Practice in Fallowfield. My involvement in the LDC is intended to bring balance to the proceedings and to raise the voice of the ordinary Practitioner (me and others like me).

I believe that the future for General Dental Practitioners (GDP’s) depends on us all coming together with one strong voice (and perhaps one mind) to speak out against the increasing levels of bureaucracy and administration being foisted on us. Of course, not all of this is necessarily bad but unless we engage in the process of change, we will always find that it is easy for adverse conditions to be imposed on our profession.

I am one of the junior members of the LDC, having been a member for only a few years. In addition to regular attendance at meetings, I sit on the LDC – PCT Liaison – a forum for discussing the myriad problems that regularly arise in the administration of the current dental contract.