I qualified from Manchester in 1986 and worked initially for five years as an associate with Lester Ellman . Following on from that I have been a Partner in a large Practice in Northenden, South Manchester which draws a variety of patients with many varied needs.

I believe it is important, that as practitioners it is our responsibility to represent the needs of our patients aligned with the requirements of the profession in order to achieve what is best for our patients continuing care. Consequently , I joined the LDC some 16 years ago in order to attempt to achieve this objective. Over that period there have been many changes which have impacted on both patients and dentists.

My experience on the LDC has also made me aware of the increasing need to represent the views of our local dentists and patients with the Primary Care Trust particularly when policy decisions are being constructed – it is vital that all parties should be considered if policy is to be successful. Along side this, I believe it is important in our role on the LDC to make practitioners aware of their responsibilities – this is particularly essential with the approaching HTM0105 legislation, Care Quality Commission etc.

In my position as Vice-Chairman, I have tried to achieve these goals and will endeavour to carry this forward into the future and hope that this website helps in the dissemination of information to those that need it.