I have been a member of Manchester Local Dental Committee since 1994, and have seen many changes in that time. I became a somewhat reluctant Chairman in 2004 and relinquished that position in 2011. Having owned a practice in South Manchester for 30 years, I decided that I had had enough of the increasing administration and sold my practice in June 2011 to Oasis Dental Care. I now work as an associate at Oasis Withington and have, at first-hand, an up-to-date knowledge of life as an associate.

I feel that the Local Dental Committee is vital in ensuring that Manchester GDPs are not disadvantaged by a lack of representation when decisions are being made by various authorities. All too often these authorities produce ideas and plans that fail to appreciate the requirements of the parties involved, be they patients or GDPs. I would urge all GDPs to take an active interest in, and consider becoming a member of, the LDC