New NHS Contract

Since 2012 the NHS has been trying to develop a new NHS dental contract by creating pilot contracts. These pilots have used the capitation method for remuneration and reward dentists for having higher patient numbers, and taking on new patients. The new contract will require dentists to spend 30 minutes per patient recording plaque and bleeding scores for every patient. This leads to time wasted that could be spent providing care to patients that will increase access to dental care. Many of the pilots so far have shown vast reduction in the patient numbers since the pilots have started. There is no clear idea at present when the new contract is going to be rolled out.

We as an LDC are concerned with the way the new contract is moving and feel that dentists have not been consulted in its inception. Consultation with the dentists who work in the contract day to day would be a much better way to improve the current contract that we are working in. We are fighting for the interests of the Dentists in the planning of the new NHS contract